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Our next events are:
Sorry, but our April 6 date was cancelled due to the track double booking the date.

Register & Check Pricing below:

Some Basics at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca
Gates Open 7AM, Registration 7:30-7:55AM, Mandatory Drivers Meeting 7:55-8:45, 8:45-8:55 meet your instructor & Prep your car.
8:55 Group Photo on track, 9 AM G1 Learn the Line-35 MPH all cars welcome-No Passing, helmets on.
 90 db sound limit, 1db variance allowed.
3 run group, 20 minute session format, 2 hour 20 of minutes of track time.
Catered Lunch! Buy 1 Coaching Session, F1 Garages Available
Special free gift from Montrio Bistro.

Pricing starts at $350

We pride ourselves on offering the most track time, lowest car count and best instruction!
We screen every driver to make sure they are a fit with our group and are in the proper run group.
You will have sound piece of mind that your safety and all those around you are our highest priorities!

Please note; we are not racing, we don't allow tailgating or passing in turns.

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Our Cancellation Policy

Please understand a few items; we go to great lengths to secure these events so you and others can attend them.
 We must secure the dates financially and commit to them in advance.
We put our commitment, reputation and a lot of time and effort into organizing them. Sometimes we break even, sometimes we make a few dollars and
take those few dollars and put them towards the days we go backwards.
So you need to ask yourself something; if you can't make a concert or ball game, do you call the promoter and ask for a refund? No.
Like these promoters, the show must go on, the bills must get paid and our commitment to carry on the event is followed through.
So please be 100% certain you can attend, as we do not offer refunds, carry forwards or credits.
You are allowed to sell/give your spot, to a qualified driver/attendee, that we must approve.
Thank You.

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Need track time to test and tune?   
Need to rent a private session?
Want to have a VIP event?
We can accommodate you!
Please contact us for details.
Ferrari Challenge Teams Welcome!                    

Every venue is different, please clink on the event link above for current pricing.

Payment Information

We take checks until about 1 month prior to the event, then you need to pay online.

Please make your Check out to: Phillip Holmes
Please mail your check to: PO Box 830, Monterey, CA 93942
Please remember, First Pay=First In.



We organize small personable events with lots of
track time and instruction.
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